Cristo Rey Dallas honored community leaders and corporate work study partners at CEO Breakfast

Nov 26, 2019
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Recognizing Outstanding Contributions

Truster Marketing Solutions recently hosted the CEO Breakfast event at Cristo Rey Dallas to honor community leaders and corporate work study partners who have made significant contributions to the local community.

During the event, Truster Marketing Solutions highlighted the importance of collaboration between businesses and the community, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on both economic growth and social development. The CEO Breakfast event provided a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and recognizing the achievements of individuals and organizations.

Truster Marketing Solutions firmly believes in giving back to society and actively supports community initiatives. By partnering with organizations like Cristo Rey Dallas, we aim to foster an environment where businesses and community leaders work hand in hand to create a positive change.

We are proud to be associated with the dedicated community leaders and corporate work study partners who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and contribute to the betterment of our local community. Their passion and dedication inspire us to continue our mission of creating impactful marketing and advertising solutions.

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Great event, well-deserved recognition! 👏
Nov 8, 2023