Prestonwood Christian Academy Welcomes James Vilade as Varsity Baseball Coach

Oct 19, 2022
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Welcome to Prestonwood Christian Academy's sports section! We are excited to share the news of James Vilade joining our team as the new Varsity Baseball Coach. With his impressive background and expertise in the world of baseball, this addition promises to elevate our program to new heights.

About James Vilade

Coach James Vilade brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Prestonwood Christian Academy. With over two decades of coaching experience, Coach Vilade has a strong track record of success and a deep passion for the game.

Coaching Experience

Coach Vilade's coaching journey began at an early age, where he quickly displayed a natural talent for mentoring and nurturing young athletes. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to coach at both the high school and college levels, consistently imparting his wisdom and helping players reach their full potential.


Coach Vilade's outstanding achievements speak volumes about his dedication and expertise. He has led teams to multiple championship victories, earning recognition as one of the top baseball coaches in the industry. Under his guidance, numerous athletes have gone on to succeed at the college and professional levels.

What to Expect

With Coach Vilade at the helm, Prestonwood Christian Academy's Varsity Baseball program is poised for greatness. His extensive knowledge of the game, combined with a strong focus on character development, will undoubtedly nurture well-rounded athletes who excel both on and off the field.

Player Development

Coach Vilade firmly believes in the importance of skill development and individual growth. Through strategic training programs and personalized coaching techniques, he aims to empower each player to unlock their full potential and thrive in the sport.

Team Dynamics

Building a cohesive and supportive team is a cornerstone of Coach Vilade's coaching philosophy. By fostering a positive and inclusive environment, he ensures that each player feels valued and understands their role within the team's overall success. Trust, unity, and strong teamwork are key elements that drive the program forward.

The Future of Prestonwood Baseball

With the appointment of Coach Vilade, Prestonwood Christian Academy's Varsity Baseball program is set to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with. Under his expert guidance, we aim to continue our tradition of excellence, while simultaneously fostering an environment of growth, sportsmanship, and lifelong learning. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we create memorable moments on and off the field.


Prestonwood Christian Academy proudly welcomes James Vilade as our Varsity Baseball Coach. His distinguished background, comprehensive coaching experience, and commitment to athlete development make him an invaluable addition to our team. We look forward to seeing the program thrive under his leadership and encourage both current and prospective athletes to get involved in our esteemed Varsity Baseball program.

Alejandro Serrano
Exciting addition to the team! 👏
Nov 9, 2023
Vasil Petkovski
Congrats on the new coach! ⚾ Exciting times ahead!
Oct 16, 2023