Restaurants where Kids Eat Free or Cheap

Apr 2, 2019


Are you a parent looking for family-friendly dining options in Plano, Texas? Look no further! Truster Marketing Solutions has compiled a comprehensive list of restaurants where kids can eat for free or at affordable prices. We understand the importance of finding budget-friendly options while still enjoying delicious meals. Let's dive right in!

1. Restaurant XYZ

If you're searching for a restaurant that offers free or discounted meals for kids, Restaurant XYZ is a top choice. Their menu features a wide range of kid-friendly options, from classic comfort foods to healthier choices. Every Monday and Wednesday, from 5pm to 7pm, kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entrée. The restaurant's welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff make it a hit among families.

2. ABC Café

At ABC Café, affordability meets quality. This popular Plano eatery welcomes kids with open arms, offering them free meals every Tuesday and Thursday. From crispy chicken tenders to mouthwatering macaroni and cheese, your little ones will be spoilt for choice. The café's commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures delicious meals that both parents and kids will love.

3. Family Restaurant

If you're looking for a family-oriented dining experience that won't break the bank, Family Restaurant is the place to be. On Sundays, kids can enjoy a complimentary meal when accompanied by an adult. Their extensive children's menu caters to all taste buds, with options ranging from mini burgers to spaghetti and meatballs. The restaurant's warm ambiance and friendly staff create a memorable experience for families.

4. Kids' Paradise

Kids' Paradise lives up to its name by offering affordable dining options for families. With a special discount available every weekday from 4pm to 6pm, you can treat your kids to a delicious meal without worrying about the bill. From fun-shaped chicken nuggets to cheesy pizza, Kids' Paradise has something for even the pickiest eaters. Their dedicated play area ensures that children are entertained while parents can relax and enjoy their meal.

5. Little Chefs Bistro

Little Chefs Bistro provides a delightful culinary experience for kids at pocket-friendly prices. This charming Plano establishment offers a "Kids Eat for $1.99" deal every day between 2pm and 5pm. From homemade chicken soup to scrumptious sandwiches, Little Chefs Bistro focuses on providing nutritious meals that kids will love. The bistro's cozy interior and friendly staff contribute to a welcoming environment for families.


Truster Marketing Solutions is dedicated to helping families find the best dining options in Plano, Texas where kids can eat for free or at affordable prices. We understand the value of quality family time without worrying about expensive bills. Whether you're craving comfort foods, wholesome meals, or exciting kid-friendly choices, the restaurants mentioned above offer fantastic options for families. Next time you plan a family outing, be sure to consider these affordable establishments for a delicious and budget-friendly experience!

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Nicola Pedrazzoli
Thank you for this helpful list! Can't wait to try these restaurants with our kids! 🍕🍔
Nov 11, 2023
Amy Butterworth
That's a great list! 🍽️👧👦 Our family will definitely enjoy these deals!
Oct 5, 2023