DeMarcus Lawrence Selects CitySquare for My Cause My Cleats

Jul 15, 2021

Truster Marketing Solutions is excited to share the news that DeMarcus Lawrence, a star player in the National Football League (NFL), has chosen CitySquare for the My Cause My Cleats initiative. Lawrence, known for his exceptional performance on the field, has extended his impact off the field by selecting CitySquare as the organization he will represent through custom-designed cleats. This collaboration showcases Lawrence's commitment to making a difference in the community and CitySquare's dedication to addressing critical social issues.

What Is My Cause My Cleats?

My Cause My Cleats is an NFL initiative that allows players to showcase their support for causes and organizations close to their hearts by wearing custom-designed cleats during a designated game week. The initiative aims to raise awareness for various charitable causes while giving players an opportunity to express their personal passions and make a positive impact in their communities.

DeMarcus Lawrence's Decision

DeMarcus Lawrence's decision to choose CitySquare as his designated organization for My Cause My Cleats speaks volumes about his dedication to improving communities and supporting those in need. With his selection, Lawrence aims to draw attention to CitySquare's remarkable efforts in addressing poverty, hunger, and homelessness in the region. By leveraging his platform as a professional athlete, Lawrence hopes to raise awareness and funds for CitySquare, making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families facing hardship.

About CitySquare

CitySquare is a renowned organization that focuses on tackling social and economic disparities in local communities. With a holistic approach to social services, CitySquare provides comprehensive programs and resources to empower individuals and communities to overcome poverty. Their initiatives span across various critical areas, including affordable housing, workforce development, healthcare, food insecurity, and education.

Affordable Housing

CitySquare's affordable housing programs aim to provide safe and stable housing options, ensuring that individuals and families have a place to call home. By offering affordable housing solutions, CitySquare helps address the increasing challenge of homelessness and promotes stability within communities.

Workforce Development

Recognizing the significance of employment in breaking the cycle of poverty, CitySquare's workforce development initiatives focus on equipping individuals with the skills and resources needed to succeed in the job market. Through training, career counseling, and job placement assistance, CitySquare helps individuals secure meaningful employment opportunities and build a better future.


Acknowledging the importance of accessible healthcare for all, CitySquare strives to bridge gaps in healthcare access by providing quality medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health services. Their clinics ensure that individuals receive the care they need, contributing to overall well-being and improving health outcomes within the community.

Food Insecurity

CitySquare's food insecurity initiatives work towards eliminating hunger by operating food pantries, community gardens, and nutrition education programs. By addressing immediate food needs and promoting long-term food security, CitySquare fights against hunger and helps ensure that individuals and families have access to nutritious meals.


Recognizing the role education plays in shaping futures, CitySquare focuses on providing educational support to individuals of all ages. Through initiatives such as after-school programs, GED classes, and vocational training, CitySquare equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their academic and career goals.

Making a Difference Together

Truster Marketing Solutions is proud to support DeMarcus Lawrence's dedication to CitySquare and the My Cause My Cleats initiative. By highlighting Lawrence's decision and CitySquare's impactful initiatives, we aim to raise awareness about these critical social issues and inspire others to get involved.

Join us in celebrating DeMarcus Lawrence's commitment to making a positive impact both on and off the field. Together, we can create lasting change in our communities and uplift those facing adversity.

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