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Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to the Orangetheory Fitness Southlake Calendar. Stay updated on all the upcoming events, classes, challenges, and promotions happening at our fitness studio. At Orangetheory Fitness, we are driven by science and backed by technology to provide you with an effective and efficient workout experience that delivers results.

Upcoming Events

Check out the exciting events we have planned for the upcoming months:

  • 1. Member Appreciation Day: Join us on [DATE] as we celebrate and appreciate our amazing members. Enjoy special offers, giveaways, and exclusive discounts.
  • 2. Community Workout: Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Join us on [DATE] for a high-energy workout session conducted by our certified trainers. It's open to everyone, so bring your friends and family.
  • 3. Weight Loss Challenge: Ready to transform your body? Our 8-week Weight Loss Challenge starts on [DATE]. Sign up today and get personalized support, nutrition guidance, and accountability to reach your weight loss goals.
  • 4. New Class Launch: We are excited to introduce a new class format in collaboration with [BRAND PARTNER]. Get ready for a unique fitness experience that will push your limits and bring you closer to your fitness goals.
  • 5. Member Social Event: Join us for a fun-filled evening of socializing, networking, and building connections with fellow members. Enjoy delicious refreshments, entertainment, and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

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Take the first step towards success with Orangetheory Fitness Southlake. Join us and experience the fitness revolution that is transforming lives.

Sherry Schreck
I'm excited to see what events, classes, and promotions are coming up at Orangetheory Fitness Southlake! Can't wait to check out the calendar and join in on the fitness fun!
Oct 8, 2023