Mother and Daughter Make History as They Lead Two Major Jewish Agencies in Greater Dallas

Mar 16, 2020
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Setting New Benchmarks

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Empowering Women in the Jewish Community

In this groundbreaking story, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Rachel Cohen and her daughter, Sarah Cohen, who have made history by simultaneously leading two major Jewish agencies in the Greater Dallas area.

Rachel Cohen, a seasoned leader with over 25 years of experience in community service, has been appointed as the Executive Director of the Greater Dallas Jewish Community Center. Her unwavering dedication to promoting Jewish culture, fostering inclusivity, and providing a safe space for the community has earned her this esteemed position.

Meanwhile, her daughter, Sarah Cohen, has been appointed as the CEO of the Greater Dallas Jewish Federation. With her extensive background in philanthropy and a strong commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals within the community, Sarah brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the organization.

Working in Synergy

The mother-daughter duo is revolutionizing the way Jewish agencies operate in the Greater Dallas area. By leading two separate organizations, Rachel and Sarah are leveraging their complementary skill sets and shared passion for community building to create a stronger and more united Jewish community.

Together, they are implementing groundbreaking initiatives aimed at enhancing cultural programs, fostering stronger connections, and expanding the reach of both agencies. Their collective vision and unwavering dedication have brought about positive change and have inspired others to join in their mission.

Community Engagement

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