Youth Believing in Change Celebrates 22 Years of Service to Dallas

Jan 8, 2022
About Us

About Youth Believing in Change

Youth Believing in Change (YBC) is a nonprofit organization established in the heart of Dallas. For the past 22 years, we have been committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young people and the community at large. Through our dedication and innovative approach.

Our Mission

At YBC, our mission is to empower the youth of Dallas by providing them with valuable opportunities, resources, and support that will enable them to reach their fullest potential. We believe in the power of education, creativity, and leadership, and aim to instill these qualities in the young minds we serve.

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Celebrating 22 Years of Service

This year, YBC proudly celebrates our 22nd anniversary of serving the Dallas community. Throughout two decades, we have witnessed countless success stories of young individuals whose lives have been transformed through our programs and services.

Our commitment to making a positive difference remains unwavering. We continue to expand our outreach efforts, launch new initiatives, and collaborate with community partners to address the evolving needs of the youth we serve.

Get Involved Today

Join us in celebrating 22 years of service to Dallas. Together, we can create a brighter future for the young people in our community.

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Andrew Roberts
Congratulations on 22 years of impactful service to the youth and community of Dallas! Keep inspiring change.
Nov 11, 2023