Sex Trafficking in North Texas, Jan. 30

Jan 14, 2020

Presented by the Dallas Holocaust Museum


Welcome to the Truster Marketing Solutions page dedicated to raising awareness about the Upstander Speaker Series on sex trafficking in North Texas, presented by the Dallas Holocaust Museum on January 30.

About the Upstander Speaker Series

The Upstander Speaker Series is an initiative by the Dallas Holocaust Museum aimed at fostering discussions and exploring various forms of modern-day slavery, particularly sex trafficking. This series brings together experts, survivors, and advocates to shed light on the issue and invoke change.

The Reality of Sex Trafficking in North Texas

Sex trafficking is a grave concern that affects communities worldwide, including North Texas. Despite its invisible nature, it thrives in the shadows, victimizing vulnerable individuals. This event strives to bring attention to the reality of sex trafficking in our own backyard.

Learning and Engaging

Attending the Upstander Speaker Series on January 30 provides a unique opportunity to learn from renowned professionals who dedicate their lives to combating sex trafficking. By joining this event, you become an advocate for change and a voice for the victims.

Why Attend?

Understanding the severity of sex trafficking is crucial for the entire community. By attending this series, you not only equip yourself with knowledge but also contribute to building a safer, more informed society. Join us on January 30 and become an upstander!

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