Local All-Doctor Band to Perform at Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash Oct 27

Jul 9, 2019

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Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash

The Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash is an annual event aimed at raising awareness and funds to support arthritis research and advocacy. This year, we are delighted to announce that the talented Local All-Doctor Band will be performing on October 27th.

A Unique Musical Experience

Local All-Doctor Band is not your typical music group. Comprised of skilled musicians who also happen to be doctors, this band brings a unique blend of medical expertise and musical passion to the stage. Their dynamic performances showcase their extraordinary talents and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

By attending the Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash and enjoying the performance by the Local All-Doctor Band, you will not only have a great time but also contribute to a worthy cause. Every dollar raised at this event goes towards supporting groundbreaking research, providing crucial education, and advocating for improved care for those living with arthritis.

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