About Northridge Presbyterian Church - Dallas, TX

Oct 2, 2021
About Us


Welcome to Northridge Presbyterian Church, located in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. As a community-driven church, we strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals and families to come together and deepen their faith. Our mission is to spread the word of God, support our congregation, and serve our community.

Our Church Services

At Northridge Presbyterian Church, we offer a variety of services to accommodate the spiritual needs of our diverse congregation. Join us every Sunday at 9:00 AM for our traditional service, where you can experience the beauty of traditional hymns and meaningful sermons. If you prefer a more contemporary worship style, we also have a modern service at 11:00 AM, featuring dynamic music and relevant messages.

Community Involvement

As an active member of the Dallas community, Northridge Presbyterian Church is committed to making a positive impact and serving those in need. Our congregation actively participates in various outreach programs, including food drives, clothing donations, and volunteering at local charities. We believe in embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ by extending kindness, love, and support to others.

Youth Programs

We understand the importance of nurturing the faith of our younger generation. That's why we offer engaging and educational youth programs to help children and teenagers deepen their understanding of Christianity. Our dedicated team of leaders organizes age-appropriate activities, Bible studies, and fellowship opportunities that not only strengthen their faith but also foster friendships and positive values.

Adult Ministries

Our church provides a wide range of adult ministries to help individuals grow spiritually and connect with fellow members of the congregation. From Bible study groups to prayer circles, there are plenty of opportunities for adults of all ages to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights, and cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

Family-Friendly Environment

Northridge Presbyterian Church values the importance of a supportive community for families. We have dedicated resources and programs that cater to the unique needs of families, providing a safe and nurturing space for children and parents alike. Our church is a place where families can bond, learn, and grow together in their faith journey.

Get Involved

We warmly welcome new members to join our church community. Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance, a place to worship, or opportunities to serve, Northridge Presbyterian Church offers a diverse range of ministries and programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. Come and experience the love and warmth of our church family. We look forward to meeting you!

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Howard Lothrop
Such a warm and inclusive church community in Dallas! Love their dedication to service.
Nov 8, 2023