HPHS Presents the 2016 All American Cheerleaders

Jul 21, 2018

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Introducing the 2016 All American Cheerleaders from HPHS

Truster Marketing Solutions is excited to present the talented and vibrant cheerleaders from Highland Park High School (HPHS). The 2016 All American Cheerleaders have showcased their skills, dedication, and team spirit throughout the season, catapulting HPHS to new heights in the world of cheerleading.

Celebrating Excellence in Cheerleading

The HPHS All American Cheerleaders have demonstrated their commitment to excellence by participating in various competitions and events while representing their school. They have continuously pushed boundaries and set new standards in cheerleading, showcasing their incredible athleticism and passion for the sport.

With their infectious energy and synchronized routines, the 2016 All American Cheerleaders from HPHS have captivated audiences and inspired fellow students, parents, and fans. Their performances have brought cheers, applause, and pride to the entire school community.

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Jonathan Stephenson
Impressive cheer squad!
Nov 8, 2023