Calendar - The Hockaday School - Dallas, TX

Jun 17, 2019

Welcome to the calendar page of The Hockaday School, located in beautiful Dallas, Texas. As a premier educational institution, The Hockaday School is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for students and fostering a sense of community. We understand the importance of staying connected and up-to-date with the latest events, school holidays, and important dates. This calendar page serves as a valuable resource for students, parents, and faculty.

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

Our calendar is packed with exciting events and important dates that enrich the educational journey of our students. From guest speakers and performances to sports matches and academic competitions, there is always something happening at The Hockaday School. Stay informed about upcoming events through our comprehensive calendar.

Academic Events

Our academic events showcase the achievements and talents of our students. From science fairs and art exhibitions to debates and literary competitions, these events provide invaluable opportunities for students to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Sports Events

At The Hockaday School, we believe in the power of sports in fostering teamwork, discipline, and physical well-being. We have a wide range of sports events, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, and track and field. Come cheer for our talented athletes as they compete against other schools in thrilling matches.

Cultural Events

Celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding are essential aspects of our school's philosophy. Our cultural events highlight the traditions, music, dance, and cuisines from various cultures around the world. Prepare to be enthralled by the vibrant and rich experiences our cultural events offer.

School Holidays

We understand the importance of rest and rejuvenation. Our school holidays provide students, faculty, and staff with much-needed breaks to recharge and spend quality time with family and friends. Stay updated about upcoming school holidays to plan your activities accordingly.

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Anthony Blau
This calendar page is extremely helpful for keeping track of events and important dates.
Nov 11, 2023