Children's Cancer Fund Kicked Off Upcoming Gala with Patron Party at Home of Jennifer Walker Royall

Apr 7, 2023

About the Children's Cancer Fund Gala

The Children's Cancer Fund Gala is an annual event dedicated to raising funds and awareness for children affected by cancer. With the goal of making a difference in their lives, the gala brings together individuals, businesses, and organizations to support this worthy cause.

Patron Party at the Home of Jennifer Walker Royall

To kick off the upcoming Children's Cancer Fund Gala, a special patron party was hosted at the beautiful home of Jennifer Walker Royall. This exclusive gathering brought together prominent community members, sponsors, and supporters to celebrate and create a positive impact for children fighting cancer.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

The Children's Cancer Fund Gala aims to support families and children in their battle against cancer. Through the funds raised at the gala, the organization offers financial assistance for medical expenses, access to specialized treatments, emotional support programs, and much-needed resources.

Unforgettable Evening

Attendees of the Children's Cancer Fund Gala can look forward to an unforgettable evening filled with inspiration, hope, and joy. The event features a grand dinner, live entertainment, silent auctions, and heartwarming speeches by children and their families who have benefited from the organization's support.

Awareness and Advocacy

By attending or supporting the gala, you become part of a movement to raise awareness about childhood cancer and advocate for better care and treatment options. Your contribution helps in spreading knowledge and mobilizing resources to improve the lives of children battling this disease.

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Stephen Kam
Such a generous hostess! 👏
Nov 12, 2023