Dec 10, 2022
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Truster Marketing Solutions, a leading company in the field of Marketing and Advertising, is excited to announce that Babe Laufenberg and Steve Eagar will be serving as the honorary co-chairs for the highly anticipated III Forks Golf Classic. This prestigious event is set to bring together professionals, golf enthusiasts, and community members for a day of philanthropy, networking, and friendly competition.

Why Babe Laufenberg and Steve Eagar?

Babe Laufenberg and Steve Eagar are well-respected individuals who have made significant contributions not only in their respective industries but also in the community. Their involvement as honorary co-chairs further enhances the event's prestige and creates a sense of anticipation among participants and sponsors alike.

Babe Laufenberg, a former NFL quarterback and current Emmy Award-winning sports analyst, brings his extensive knowledge and passion for sports to the III Forks Golf Classic. His charismatic personality and impressive career make him an ideal honorary co-chair, inspiring participants to strive for excellence both on and off the golf course.

Steve Eagar, a renowned news anchor and respected figure in the media industry, also commands respect and admiration. With his unmatched professionalism and dedication to community service, Steve brings a unique perspective to the event. His presence as an honorary co-chair strengthens the event's outreach and impact.

Making a Difference

The III Forks Golf Classic, organized by Truster Marketing Solutions, aims to make a significant impact in the local community. By bringing together businesses, professionals, and golf enthusiasts, the event provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and charitable giving.

The proceeds raised from the III Forks Golf Classic will go towards supporting local organizations and initiatives that focus on education, health, and community development. Truster Marketing Solutions firmly believes that investing in the community is crucial for sustainable growth and development.

Participants in this year's III Forks Golf Classic will have the opportunity to play alongside Babe Laufenberg, Steve Eagar, and other notable figures, creating a unique and memorable experience. The event will also feature an awards ceremony, a silent auction, and various sponsorship opportunities.

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The III Forks Golf Classic, spearheaded by Truster Marketing Solutions, is set to be an unforgettable event with Babe Laufenberg and Steve Eagar as the honorary co-chairs. Their involvement adds a touch of prestige and excitement, attracting participants, sponsors, and supporters who are eager to make a difference in the local community.

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Tom Popering
Such an incredible event! Excited to see Babe Laufenberg and Steve Eagar leading the III Forks Golf Classic as honorary co-chairs. This gathering promises to be a perfect blend of philanthropy, networking, and golf. Looking forward to a day filled with community spirit and coming together for a great cause. Kudos to Truster Marketing Solutions for organizing such a prestigious event!
Nov 10, 2023